Commodore’s Behemoths, C128 and A500, Side by Side

Commodore’s biggest home computers, C128 and Amiga 500, occupying the whole desk. C128 was introduced in 1985 as a direct successor to the best-selling C64 and is Commodore’s last 8-bit home computer. Amiga 500 was introduced in 1987 as a spiritual successor to C64, visually resembling C128, and is Commodore’s best-selling Amiga model. Both computers couldn’t match C64’s record breaking sales, they did good nevertheless…

C128 is equipped with:

EasyFlash 3 is a flashable cartridge that plugs to the expansion port
UK 1541 is a real-time floppy disk drive emulator that plugs to the user port

Amiga 500 uses ACA500, an external expansion that plugs to the left expansion port and adds faster CPU, fast memory, and hard disk functionality through CF card slots.

Showing two games on each system:

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
Prince of Persia

Interesting facts:

Amiga’s hard disk version of Prince of Persia requires more than 512 KiB chip memory, which is impossible on original A500, so the game is shown on A500+ instead.

Ultima V is loaded on C128 from UK 1541. It is identical to the C64 version, except for the music that is only played on C128. Prince of Persia is a modern C64 port that is only available as a EasyFlash cartridge.