Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ Versus Commodore C64C


8-bit fiercest rivals side by side. Each side is using the revised edition: ZX Spectrum+ model from 1984 and C64C model from 1986. Spectrum uses DivIDE 2k14 to load tape images and game snapshots from CF card, while C64 uses 1541 Ultimate-II to load programs from micro SD card. Both machines are further modified, Spectrum features just a simple composite video out, while C64 has all kinds of hacks applied for better audio and visual experience.

This is not really a competition video because both micros had their own strengths and weaknesses. C64 had the overall technical superiority except for the slower CPU. Graphics in C64’s games were more colourful but with less detail (blocky). It’s a whole different story with a sound, where C64 swept the competition with its legendary sound chip. CPU intensive games or games where hardware tricks could not be used in full effect played better on Spectrum.

Many games looked identical across both systems, and both systems had their share of better or unique games and lousy conversions. Some games however looked or played differently but were great on both systems. Some are presented here, recording them from TV screen doesn’t do them justice.

Games presented:

Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future by Virgin Games
Green Beret by Imagine Software
Uridium by Hewson Consultants