Commodore C64G with Real and Emulated Floppy Drives

This video is dedicated to David Bowie, amazing musician who recently passed away. RIP!

The last model of C64 is connected to 1541-II floppy drive and 1541 Ultimate-II that among other things acts also as a floppy drive. 1541-II is configured as drive 8 and 1541 Ultimate-II as drive 9. It is easier to change drive number on Ultimate-II, just don’t forget to set it back when the real floppy drive is not connected anymore!

Two serial IEC cables are needed. One connects C64 to SERIAL connector of the real floppy drive and the other connects 1541 Ultimate-II to INTERFACE connector of the real floppy drive.

Next, the currently mounted disk image is copied to the real floppy using Fast Hack’em that copies one side in less than a minute. Demo Too Old to Ror and Rol by Fairlight, Offence, and Prosonix is being copied.

The Ultimate-II is then removed and the real floppy successfully tested.

The short demo in the beginning is Starman by Elysium.