Commodore Amiga and Two Gotek Floppy Emulators

Video of Amiga 600 connected to two floppy disk emulators. The three digit display Gotek replaces internal floppy disk drive DF0: and the two digit display Gotek replaces external floppy disk drive DF1:. The latter is nicely seated in the case of the external floppy drive.

Showing loading of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ultra Games, which is quite possibly the worst floppy disk swap game in Amiga history. The game is loaded with two disk drives at first, then the external disk drive is switched off in order to see the amount of floppy disk swaps required.

Notice how the USB stick in the external drive still flashes even though it is switched off.

You probably won’t ever need two floppy disk emulators, swapping disks by pushing buttons on emulator is not such a hassle. However, you can make external drive function as internal drive, and any floppy emulator looks much nicer inside external disk enclosure than inside Amiga case.