Strutter Arcade

The following post contains foul language and humour not suitable for youngsters or those easily offended. If you are easily offended, my advice to you is simple…

… go fuck yourself! This is one of many lines from Mike Strutter, a fictional character of a two season MTV show, Strutter. A long time associate occasionally mails me a link to the video clip of this show, then we meet in the hallway and pass jokes from the same clip. Needless to say, we are big fans of Mike Strutter.

From the moment I first saw Strutter playing the Whore Wars arcade, I wanted to create a real game where you shoot baddies and fuck at the same time, though the latter task would be virtual, contrasting Mike’s game. I chose Flash to simulate an arcade cabinet. Shooting baddies with a light-gun is replaced with a mouse and real sex with cursor keys on a keyboard. The Decathlon style game play is used for sexual performance – you must rapidly press left and right to keep your sex stamina at a healthy level. Decathlon was a reason for many joysticks that me and my friends broke in the 80’s. I revived this agonising game play mostly because I wanted a hard game that would end as fast as in the Mike’s video clip and insult you meanwhile. 🙂

Do not expect long-lasting appeal, the basics took me a day to write, other boring elements took much longer. I’m satisfied if I’ve managed to put a smile or two on your face. There are references to other ancient video games, leave a comment if you figure out which.

To play Whore Wars II, go to the next page, and may the best fucker win.